Kwita Izina 19th Edition Set For 1st September

On the foothills of Volcanoes National Park in Kinigi, Musanze District, Rwanda prepares to celebrate its commitment to nature and conservation with the 19th Kwita Izina Gorilla Naming Ceremony. Slated for...
Rwanda Car Travel

What to Do When You Return a Rental Car

Whether you’re a member of the car rental company’s loyalty program or you walked up to the rental counter, when you drove away in a vehicle you entered into a contract...
Rwanda the Land of a Thousand Hills

Top 5 Things To Do In Rwanda

Exploring Rwanda: Unveiling the Top 5 Must-Do Experiences Nestled in the heart of East Africa, Rwanda is a captivating destination that has swiftly risen as one of the continent's most enchanting countries....

Car Rental with Border Crossing in Rwanda

Border crossing with a Rental Car from Rwanda is a very simple process when you have the right information beforehand. We at Rent a car Rwanda know very well that some...
Rwanda Convention

How Rwanda Is Digitizing Travel

Like other countries, Rwanda as a nation through its leadership has got a strategic initiative designed to transform it. The tourism sector in Rwanda continues recording increase in visitor numbers into...
Alnus Tree Planting Near Gorilla Habitat

Students Grow Trees near Rwanda’s Gorilla Habitat

In the Fossey Fund’s work with student nature clubs in schools near Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, we have found that growing and planting trees is one of the most popular and...

What are the most rented Cars for Self Drive in Rwanda

Rwanda, a land of stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and growing tourism, has seen a surge in demand for rental cars. Among these, Toyota models stand out as the top choice for...

Police Warn Against Violating Traffic Rules

The Rwanda National Police (RNP) traffic and road safety department has reminded drivers to refrain from bad maneuvers which continue to be the source of road carnage. Supt. Jean Marie Vianney Ndushabandi,...
Rwanda Baby Gorillas

24 Baby Gorillas Named at Kwita Izina

On 5th September 2015, at Kinigi, 24 baby gorillas named were born in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda in 2014 and 2015. Below is a list of the named gorillas, names, date...
Rwanda the Land of a Thousand Hills

Rwanda Emerges as a Popular Travel Destination

Once blemished by one of the worst cases of ethnic violence that resulted in the popular 1994 Rwanda Genocide, Rwanda is fast becoming one of the top travel destinations in Rwanda....

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