Border crossing with a Rental Car from Rwanda is a very simple process when you have the right information beforehand. We at Rent a car Rwanda know very well that some clients need to cross over to the neighboring countries in Uganda, Congo or to Tanzania to extend their adventure. We understand the tourism business and very well know it’s easier for one to rent one car and not have to change for reasons of having to cross borders.

We desire to equip you with the necessary information and tip to cross the borders easily with a rental car, if you’re asking yourself whether it is possible to cross the borders with a rented car. The answer is yes, if you want to consider Border crossing with a Rental Car from Rwanda, Rent a car Rwanda will have no problem processing your request.

East African Border Crossing Essentials:

  1. Passport and Visas

East African passport holders resident to Rwanda do not require a visa to visit Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi. However, should you be traveling with an emergency travel document?

  1. International Driver’s Permit or National Driver’s License

Although not compulsory this is recommended for everyone driving in foreign countries however The Local English driver’s license is recognized in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

  1. COMESA Sticker

If you’re traveling from Rwanda across borders vehicles should bear a Comesa sticker which designates that they are foreign vehicles.

  1. White and Red Reflective Tape

In Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania, two small white rectangular size strips on the right and left hand side of the front bumper, as well as two small red square strips on the right and left hand side of the rear bumper is required.

  1. Vehicle Registration/Vehicle License Papers  

A certified copy of vehicle registration/vehicle license papers is acceptable at the border posts. Must be accompanied with a letter from the company giving you authorization to take the vehicle across the border, and must indicate dates. Both the letter and license papers should be signed by the Owner. If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle, please carry an affidavit from the police giving you authorization from the Company /owner to take the vehicle abroad.

Whereas some car hire companies do allow border crossing with a rental car, most car rental agencies on the other hand do not accept their vehicles to cross over to some countries more so to those countries that have political issues.

  1. Letter of authority

If you are traveling in a rented car or 4×4 across borders, you have to have a letter from the car hire Rwanda Company giving you permission to take the vehicle out of the country

You’ll have to get ready for the additional cost of a cross border fees, this is an extra fee to cover the extra insurance needed when you drive in a different nation from where you hire the vehicle. Some car hire Rwanda Company just get for papers for crossing the border and even advise you on where to buy the insurance needed to drive in any country you planning to visit.

You should simply tell the car hire Rwanda Company where you’re anticipating going and they’ll advise you on how much additional you have to pay. They’ll require some notice, so ideally let the agency know your itinerary when you book the vehicle, and also before you arrive to pick the vehicle or before they deliver it to you at the airport or at the hotel.

How much do I have to pay to cross a border?

That really depends on where you’re going. Simply let the car hire Rwanda agency know which border you’re planning to cross with their vehicle and they’ll give all the information and papers you need to cross the board and how much you will pay for insurance.

You need to have in mind that that our car rental rates will go a bit above the usual car rental fees meant to cover cross border insurance fees, regional taxes, etc.

These additional fees also cover the extra insurance needed when you’re driving in a different country.  We, however, will arrange the entire border crossing paperwork on behalf of the renters and include all the charges within the total costs for hiring the vehicle.

Why I have to tell the rental company?

In case you don’t inform the car hire Rwanda agency before you drive into another country, you’ll void your insurance / protection. This implies on the off chance that you have an accident, or if your vehicle gets stolen or damaged in another country, you’ll need to pay all cost to the rental agency out of your own pocket.


Thinking of traveling cross borders this season for a vacation, business or leisurely tour, and still looking for the ideal provider to get you around? Simply approach Rwanda car rental to get helped. Thinking of traveling cross borders this season for a vacation, business or leisurely tour, and still looking for the ideal provider to get you around? Simply approach any preferred rental company to get helped.


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