The Rwanda Veterinary Council of Veterinary Doctors (RCVD) has made new commitment to improve livestock services as a way of contributing to the country’s development especially in the agriculture sector.

The commitment was made during the 2nd general annual assembly of veterinary doctors and vet technicians which was held at Hilltop hotel this weekend, March 19, 2016 and chaired by the president of RCVD, Dr. Francis Xavier Rusanganwa.

Dr. Rusanganwa said that the performance of the council members has not been impressive since its establishment in 2014, but there is a new commitment to address some of the issues facing the veterinary sector.

“It was a hard start when we formed the federation. We have many issues to address and one of them is to improve the veterinary services provided to the community. The other is to focus on reducing chaos among vets so that they can be more organized” Dr. Rusanganwa said.

Rusanganwa also said that the numbers of registered vets and vet technicians is still low and encouraged members to mobilise others to join the federation so as to be able to get support and advocacy.

Dr. Christine Kanyadekwe, a top council member of RCVD, and also a director in the ministry of agricurlyre said that the vets’ federation has a very impprontant role and members must be able to be proactive.

“We have a big role to play in our field. We should be able represent this country in work and be productive so as to combine development efforts from other sectors which we work with” Dr. Kanyadekwe said.

The general meeting also analyzed the 2014/15 annual financial reports, ministerial orders which have to be implemented, review of constitutional articles and most importantly the registration fees for members and certificates.

Some of the vets at the general assembly said that they have not been actively supporting the council but this time around committed to coming on board fully.

“We have to be organised and work as professionals. Some of our members have been charging residents high prices to treat their animals, and this has been chaotic. We need to change our image in the community” one vet, Fulgence Ntabashwa said.


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