Rusizi Genocide Survivors

The 1994 genocide against Tutsis vulnerable survivors in Rusizi district decry lack of accommodation and they want the district administration to step in and help them get accommodation before the problem gets worse.

This was discussed on June 3, when Deputy Esperance Mwiza, the Chairperson of the Chamber of the standing committee on social affairs visited residents of Rwega sector in Rusizi district.

The vulnerable genocide survivors include widows and incike (the elderly survivors of the Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi, who have lost everyone in their family and are entirely alone).

The genocide survivors say that they live in houses built in 1995 and now they are very old and half standing.

Vestine Mukarugwiza says: “We are genocide widows and the houses built for us in 1995 were shaken by the earthquake. Some collapsed and others were affected by hailstorm with doors that do not work. We have no shelter, build for us.”

Mukarugwiza adds that they face problems whenever it rains at night.

Talking to residents, Deputy Esperance Mwiza confirmed that the houses of vulnerable genocide survivors are in a poor condition about to fall on them.

Deputy Esperance Mwiza asked the district authorities to provide a temporary shelter for the Incike until new permanent houses are built for them.

“The biggest problem is that their houses are about to collapse on them. However, the district administration promised to build permanent houses for them, but they must relocate them immediately,” adds Deputy Mwiza

Eric Kamuzinzi, in charge of social affairs in Giheke sector highlighted that they are over 1000 old houses occupied by genocide survivors.


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