Rutsiro Students

Students of GS Rusororo in Rutsiro District have recommitted to fighting drug abuse in the neighbourhood of their school through reaching out to their peers and urging them to refrain from use of such substances.

Students made the commitment during a meeting with the District Community Liaison Officer Inspector of Police (IP) Jerȏme Nsabuwera in a sensitisation meeting held at the school premises and drew over 400 students.

Their commitment was in reaction to IP Nsabuwera’s message that focused on effects of drug abuse to the consumers and the communities they live in.

In his address to students, IP Nsabuwera pointed out that, “Anyone who consumes drugs has no control of their actions and that’s how young people end up involving themselves in immoralities that leads to either contracting STDs or unwanted pregnancies, dropping out of school. This is how young people’s future is lost,” said the DPC, warning the students about the dangers of drug abuse.”

He noted that frequent drug users are prone to dropping out of school or poor academic performance and called on students to share timely information with their teachers if any of their peers indulge in drug abuse.

“Students have to be ambassadors of the fight against drugs by alerting authorities whenever they realize that some of their fellow students engage in drug abuse. School authorities should also report cases of drug trafficking,” IP Nsabuwera noted.

He urged them to refrain from the vices, instead become partners in the campaigns to prevent them by mainly sharing timely information with security organs about those involved.

You owe a lot to your country. Your future is bright but there are a lot of temptations and challenges that you will have to fight along the way. Those who are strong-willed and shun drug abuse and laziness will definitely make it in life.”

He cited that the youth are always vulnerable to abusing drugs because of peer pressure and called upon society leaders and parents to help them overcome challenges that may drag them into drug abuse.

“Our communities must be protected against dangers related to drug abuse. School administrators should develop programs which discourage drug abuse and also help students to understand and debate about the effects of drug abuse.” IP Nsabuwera advised.

He also pointed that School officials should also establish clear and consistent anti-drug-use policies that specify drug offenses, consequences and work with Police through community policing to apprehend drug dealers who target the youth,.

The students’ representative, Damien Bikorimana said, “Now that we know much about the dangers related to drug abuse, we will take the fight even beyond our school to ensure we sensitise our peers against drug abuse.


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