ProFemme Fighting Gender Violence and HIV

Pro-femmes Twese hamwe, an umbrella organisation working for the advancement of women, peace, and development in Rwanda is set to eradicate the spread of HIV and gender based violence virus by 2018.

Some of the participants say eradicating the spread of HIV is not an easy task

This was revealed on March 15 during the meeting with departments in charge of fighting gender based violence and HIV/AIDS.

Jean Marie Vianney Bwenge, legal adviser in Pro-femmes Twese hamwe revealed that they are going across the districts collecting ideas from different people before measures are taken to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

“From 20th January 2016, we have collected ideas from 15 districts and we intend to proceed to other districts, discussing on what increases the infection,” says Bwenge

“After collecting information, we will sit down with other partners and decide on ways to eradicate the spread of HIV/AIDS,” he adds.

Authorities pledged support to Pro-femmes in fighting gender based violence and spread of HIV

Bwenge reveals that most residents say that the HIV/AIDS spread is a result of gender based violence that is practiced among the married couples and non-married.

During the meeting, it was cited out that fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS might be challenging if fornication in schools and young girls that resort to promiscuous life are not dealt with.

Charles Kabano, in charge of planning in Ruhango district confirmed that gender based violence exists, adding that it’s another cause of HIV/AIDS spread.
Pro-femmes in drive to fight HIV/Aids

He however says that with the partner, they are ready to respond to the call to eradicate the spread of HIV and fight gender based violence.

After collecting data, Pro-femmes intends to carry out public sensitization.

With cooperation from all administrative levels, Pro-femme believes their goal will be achieved.


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