Nyanza district has initiated a new sensitization program in all its sectors to fight all forms of abuse through an body of people called Case Managers.

TheCase managers are referred to as the new strength to support already existing people appointed to fight against all forms of abuse.

These case managers were put in place on Wednesday 30th October 2013 during the meeting on Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Heritage Hotel Nyanza.

This body will be more effective in their work especially since people in the sectors know and trust them.

It will be easy for them to find out information about Gender Based Violence as well as all other forms of violence that other levels of authority could not get.

Care International Organization which partners with the District for the fight of GBV and other types of domestic violence say the case managers have shown improvement in eradication of domestic violence.

“The Case managers act as the neighbourhood eyes which identify where violence is committed and prevent it through sensitization.

Caritas Muteteri a member of the National Women Council in Nyanza district says the types of violence apparent in the District include physical violence, property deprivation violence and Sexual abuse.

The case managers will be meeting every month in the sectors to review cases of violence orabuse and later meet on the District level every term for evaluation and look for better solution on tough cases.


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