Jean Marie Vianney Bagirishya the coordinator of Ibuka in Nyamasheke district has asked residents who would know where the bodies of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi are buried so that they are put to rest in their respectful places.

m Nyamasheke Other 300×225 Nyamasheke: Other Missing genocide bodies to be traced

This was also talked about by the Minister of culture and sports Protais Mitali during his speech to the people of Nyamasheke during the commemoration period.

Minister Protais Mitali said that there is no need to be afraid to speak as those who say where people bodies are will not be asked anything else. He said that all the same if they are afraid, they should use the suggestion box that are everywhere in the district.

Nyamasheke district mayor asked people to support and comfort the genocide survivors by joining them when they are burying the remains of their relatives in this period of commemoration.

In Nyamasheke district about 33 bodies of genocide victims were buried in the month of April and about 25 000 bodies will be transferred from Nyakanyinya school where they were buried to the new memorial site that is in its completion in Gihombo sector on the 24th.June.2012.


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