Genocide survivors request their supporters to help them with something to do and save for the future instead of being given food that does not last. 

The 1994 genocide against Tutsi survivors from Bukeye village in Muhanga district wish that they are given something to do rather than being given support all the time.

This was revealed after private sector federation in Muhanga district visited them took them food.

Genocide survivors acknowledge the support they have always got but request that they help them create projects so that they can survive on their own.

“We are not refusing their food but we need to be independent as well,” one survivor laments.

An executive secretary for Cyeza sector, Roge Rwiyereka reveals that there is a plan to help vulnerable survivors through cooperatives and association.

He adds that they gave them food because they learnt that the beneficiaries have a problem of food because of the days spent commemorating their loved ones.

Assistant Director for the private sector federation in Muhanga district Emmanuel Musabyimana asserts that the beneficiaries who need to work will be helped to create projects through BDS (Business development services)

The beneficiaries include 12 families from Muhanga sector and other 13 families from Cyeza sector. The vulnerable survivors were given beans, rice, maize flour, sugar, salt and cooking oil all worth Rwf440, 000


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