Paul Kagame on Monday March 28, 2016 officially inaugurated that Nzove 2 water project in Gasabo district which is going to add 25.000 cubic meters per day in addition to the main water supply grid in the country.

President Kagame toured the Nzove Water Plant in the company of Laurence Bower, President of Culligan International, who constructed the water plant as part of their support to Rwandans.

President Kagame calls on leaders to work together to ensure citizens of Rwanda reap as much benefit as possible from these projects

“Take good care of this infrastructure and take advantage of this opportunity. This partnership with Culligan has more to do with impact investment and partnership than money invested or made from it” Kagame said.

Laurence Bower, President of Culligan International: #Rwanda to become regional headquarters due to good leadership and business environment.

The overall objective of water supply is to ensure safe, reliable and affordable water supply services for all 100% by 2017.

This will be achieved while strengthening the financial viability of the utility and ensure sustainable functionality of water supply infrastructure by developing effective management structures and well- regulated public private partnership (PPP) arrangements, according to the ministry of infrastructure.

Rwanda has taken concrete steps to strengthen the enabling framework for accelerating access to water and sanitation and promote safe hygiene practices.

These include strengthening decentralized service delivery through institutionalization of Imihigo or performance contracting at the District level; adoption of the Environmental Health Policy 2008 and the National Policy and Strategy for Water Supply and Sanitation Services in 2010;

The country counts 1029 Rural Water Supply Systems country wide. However, 390 being 38% are not functional. The 2015 EICV shows that access to clean water turns around 90% in urban areas and 83% in rural areas of Rwanda.


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