Jean Marie Vianney Rusengamihigo, a 54-year-old Rwandan whose fortune in business was brought to an end by the covid-19 pandemic made up his mind last year to join school once again after 39 years. According to Jean Marie, he dropped out of school in 1983 during a time when everything was taught in Kinyarwanda. 

He said that he has not had any trouble studying with children fit to be his grandchildren. In his submission, he said that these children merely look at him as their fellow classmates. They usually benefit from his vast history knowledge that he usually shares with them during class breaks.

Rusenagamihigo is now is the fifth year at Shangi primary school located in the Nyamasheke district in western Rwanda.

Jean said part of the inspiration for him to go back to school was after he failed to make it for a job due to his illiteracy. He is now on the journey to find the knowledge that will help him find work in the future as well as supplement his counting knowledge given the fact that he is a businessman dealing in forestry.
Jean also said that school has helped him change his attitude toward life, and his goal is to study until he graduates from University.


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