Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Kagame and Magufuli

Rwanda Bypasses Uganda for its own Standard Gauge Railway Line

It had been planned that Rwanda gets one of its first railway routes from Kenya via Uganda. But for reasons unknown, Uganda dropped the Kenya project – essentially killing Rwanda’s hopes...

Repatriating and Rehabilitating Rwanda’s Ex-Combatants

KIGALI - Ten years after the 1994 genocide Rwanda faces the challenge of demobilizing, repatriating and reintegrating thousands of former government soldiers and militia men who fled into the Democratic Republic...

Nyamasheke: Other Missing Genocide Bodies to be Traced

Jean Marie Vianney Bagirishya the coordinator of Ibuka in Nyamasheke district has asked residents who would know where the bodies of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi are buried so that they...

Gen. Romeo Dallaire Testifies at the ICTR

One of the most important witnesses from the 1994 genocide, Canadian General Romeo Dallaire recently made his appearance at the UN Tribunal for Rwanda . Dalliare was commander of the UN mission...

Entrepreneurs Holdup District Development

Mayors have revealed that entrepreneurs play a big role delaying implementation of the performance contracts districts pledge when they delay to implement tenders they win. During a provincial meeting with partners on...

ICTR Colloquium

Arusha(INTERNEWS) - U.N Prosecutors have called upon national and international authorities to assist their tribunals by arresting and transferring immediately indicted fugitives for serious war and human crimes committed in Rwanda...

Ex-Rwandan Army Officer Arrested in Belgium

ARUSHA 15 May 2002 (Internews) The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) has confirmed that a former colonel in the Rwanda Armed Forces, Leonidas Rusatira, was arrested today in Belgium. Rusatira, 58,...
Presido Paul Kagame

I’m Thinking About the Future of Rwanda, Not the Third Term- Kagame

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has told local and international media that the issue of his succession is in Rwandans hands and that he is very concerned of the country’s future other...


KIGALI - Over thirty years ago, a group of Rwandan women formed a handicraft association to make traditional baskets and to generate a little cash income. The group was called dufatanye,...

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