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Human Rights Conference Opens in Arusha on Friday

ARUSHA 21 May 2002 (Internews) A three-day human rights conference, organized by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in collaboration with the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda...
Kamonyi Residents

Kamonyi Residents Educated About Heroes Day

Residents of Runda sector were called upon to participate in the forth coming hero’s day on 1st –February-2012. The call was made on monthly communal work day, where a mammoth of residents...

Coming Home: Rwanda’s Child Soldiers in DR Congo

By Geoffrey Mutagoma, KIGALI - Ten years after the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, a generation of children continue to fight ideological wars against Rwanda from the Eastern parts of the Democratic Republic...

Gen. Romeo Dallaire Testifies at the ICTR

One of the most important witnesses from the 1994 genocide, Canadian General Romeo Dallaire recently made his appearance at the UN Tribunal for Rwanda . Dalliare was commander of the UN mission...
Nyaruguru District

Nyaruguru District: Over 900 People with Hearing Impairments Get Treated Free of Charge

The Munini Hospital in Nyaruguru district, Southern Rwanda, on Tuesday completed a four-day campaign to generously treat hearing impairments for over 992 people,from Nyaruguru’s 14 sectors. The four-day exercise, kicked off on...
Filip - Hutu Power Expert

Filip Reyntjens: The Hutu Power Ideologue Favourite Expert

Academics researchers have had and continue to have significant influence on how Africa is defined. This has been particularly true of Rwanda which was little known and of little interest to the...

Two Films Address Children’s Rights in the Congo

Internews has produced two videos to raise awareness of the plight of Congolese children accused of witchcraft. The videos were part of a project funded by the United States Agency for...

The Courage to Survive

KIGALI - After the horrors of the 1994 genocide, it seemed almost inconceivable that one day, Rwandans of different ethnic backgrounds might live side-by-side in peace. But early in 1995, women from...

Genocide in Rwanda: do Evil Ideas Linger On?

Eleven years have elapsed since genocide in Rwanda claimed more than a million lives. But government officials worry that the ideas which led to those terrible events may still exist throughout...

REBUILDING FROM THE ROOTS: Children, Peace and Reconciliation

One of the greatest challenges facing Rwanda, is how best to build a lasting peace among all its citizens, following the genocide of 1994. The National Unity and Reconciliation Commission has encouraged...

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