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ICTR Opens Fourth Court to Speed up Genocide Trials

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) on 1 March,2005 opened the fourth court room to speed up trials of genocide suspects and to meet the closing UN strategy of 2008. The...
Kigali Genocide Memorial Site

Revising History for Political Gains: Genocide Denial in London

As millions across the world and Rwanda itself were busy organising this year’s commemoration of Genocide against the Tutsi, for the twenty-third year, #Kwibuka23, a small group of people in London,...

Former Rwandan Civic Leader Jailed for Genocide & Rape

ARUSHA (Internews) -- The United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) on April 28, 2005 sentenced to imprisonment for remainder of his life former councilor of Gishyita sector, Kibuye, Western...
Filip - Hutu Power Expert

Filip Reyntjens: The Hutu Power Ideologue Favourite Expert

Academics researchers have had and continue to have significant influence on how Africa is defined. This has been particularly true of Rwanda which was little known and of little interest to the...
Kamonyi Residents

Kamonyi Residents Educated About Heroes Day

Residents of Runda sector were called upon to participate in the forth coming hero’s day on 1st –February-2012. The call was made on monthly communal work day, where a mammoth of residents...
President Paul Kagame

Kagame Launches Genocide Education Initiative at Hartford University

President Paul Kagame’s address at University of Hartford on Tuesday marked the launch of the Genocide and Holocaust Education Initiative at the Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies. In his address, President...

Coming Home: Rwanda’s Child Soldiers in DR Congo

By Geoffrey Mutagoma, KIGALI - Ten years after the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, a generation of children continue to fight ideological wars against Rwanda from the Eastern parts of the Democratic Republic...

Man Who Pleaded Guilty to Extermination Sentenced by ICTR to 6 Years in Prison

ARUSHA,Tanzania (INTERNEWS)--The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) on March 14,2005 handed down a six-year jail sentence to a former Rwandan councillor for his role in the 1994 genocide, which claimed...

Gacaca Exodus?

In April 2005, thousands of Rwandans moved south into neighboring Burundi. According to some reports, they are fleeing to avoid being summoned to appear at Gacaca - Rwanda's village courts set...

Commemorating the Past for a Better Future

The Kigali genocide memorial stands atop Gisozi Hill in Kigali Rwanda . Here, the Rwandan government with the assistance of Aegis trust has created a place for the commemoration of the...

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