Monday, May 29, 2023

France Ignores 39 Arrest Warrants for Genocide Suspects

The Rwanda National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) today repeated it’s frustration at France’s continued disregard for arrest warrants issued for suspects who took part in the 1994 genocide...
Sarah Kagingo

Uganda: What is Behind SoftPower Anti-Rwanda Propaganda?

0, a Ugandan based online publication has transitioned itself into the new channel for anti-Rwanda propaganda and a mouthpiece for covering-up the ‘love affair’ between CMI and RNC. The online publication is...
Kagame and Magufuli

Rwanda Bypasses Uganda for its own Standard Gauge Railway Line

It had been planned that Rwanda gets one of its first railway routes from Kenya via Uganda. But for reasons unknown, Uganda dropped the Kenya project – essentially killing Rwanda’s hopes...
Paul Kagame

Kagame says Global Challenges call for ‘UN Reform’

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has called for reforms of the United Nations body to fit the current challenges the world is facing. The Rwandan head of state was delivering a speech at...
Kigali Genocide Memorial Site

Revising History for Political Gains: Genocide Denial in London

As millions across the world and Rwanda itself were busy organising this year’s commemoration of Genocide against the Tutsi, for the twenty-third year, #Kwibuka23, a small group of people in London,...
Ange Kagame

To End HIV Epidemic, Listen to the Youth – Writes Rwanda’s First Daughter

I grew up in Africa in the ’90s, a period now often called the continent’s lost decade. It is a decade that many Africans associate with tanking economies, civil strife, senseless...
Filip - Hutu Power Expert

Filip Reyntjens: The Hutu Power Ideologue Favourite Expert

Academics researchers have had and continue to have significant influence on how Africa is defined. This has been particularly true of Rwanda which was little known and of little interest to the...
Rusizi Genocide Survivors

Rusizi: Vulnerable Genocide Survivors Decry Decent Housing

The 1994 genocide against Tutsis vulnerable survivors in Rusizi district decry lack of accommodation and they want the district administration to step in and help them get accommodation before the problem...

With New Tax Policy, Rwandans Digging Deep For Cars

Effective April 21, Rwandans begun digging deeper into their pockets to own an imported secondhand vehicle. Rwanda has began implementing the East African Community(EAC) Depreciation schedule through a Free on Board depreciation...
Rutsiro Students

RNP Takes Anti-narcotics Campaign to Rutsiro Students

Students of GS Rusororo in Rutsiro District have recommitted to fighting drug abuse in the neighbourhood of their school through reaching out to their peers and urging them to refrain from...

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