Friday, December 9, 2022

My Heart is My Prison

Therese Mukarwego is a friendly, jolly woman who enjoys a good laugh. But life hasn't been kind. Her husband and three children were killed during the genocide. Therese' neighbour Andrea Uwimana...

A FRIEND IN NEED: The Importance of Remembering Our Heroes

The stories of those who saved others during the genocide are profiled in a book called Tribute to Courage, published by African Rights. But the book highlights only seventeen cases. Why...

Child of Rape, Child of Genocide

Mfashijwenimana is a child born of rape. But he doesn't know. His mother, Bertherltide has not had the courage to tell him. He was born out of the multiple rapes she...

With Little Help from Friends: WOMEN FOR WOMEN INTERNATIONAL

The civil war and genocide which ravaged Rwanda in 1994 left in its wake many orphans and widows Most are poorly educated, and find it hard, if not impossible, to get...

A Friend in Need : A Mason Freduald Karuhije Saved Lives

Ntongwe district in Gitarama is a quiet rural area where people farm the land and graze their cattle. But in April 1994, it was a dangerous and hostile place for Tutsis...

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